Cloud Management

The cloud helps organizations more effectively use, share, and secure data. To exploit the benefits of this virtual environment, applications and their supporting data are undergoing modernization and migration initiatives.

Metronome assists our Federal customers in cloud modernization by designing and deploying enterprise cloud solutions. We develop automated analytic software, techniques, and algorithms to consolidate activity-based intelligence and systems engineering across multiple security domains.

Our Cloud Teams work in a Scaled Agile Framework environment (SAFe). We use open-source software and clustering commodity software to process and analyze large datasets. We deliver innovative best practices and technical cloud solutions to our customers, allowing everyone in the organization the ability to access common, accurate information whenever they need it, from wherever they are located.

Our services include:

Migration Strategy

  • AWS Certified Engineering
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Requirements & Design
  • Systems Architecture & Engineering

Cloud Services

  • Application Rationalization & Modernization
  • Containerized Microservices
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Data Migration
  • IL4, IL5, IL6
  • End-to-End Cloud Migration

“The [cloud] team…is probably at its highest level of knowledgeable support in all the years I’ve been supporting this Client and a great deal of that effort has come from our Metronome teammates…they continue to be the point [people] for the cloud migration effort.”
– Metronome Customer