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We believe leadership is not necessarily a role – it is a set of skills and self-awareness that one can learn, improve, and build upon as they advance in their careers.

We are proud to have a leadership team that has discovered their personal core values, bring their whole selves to work each day, and continue to develop and improve their leadership skills.

We are always available and our doors don’t shut.

We Are Metronome

Jennifer Virga

Jennifer Virga

Chief Executive Officer + Co-Founder

University of Pittsburgh
Favorite Song: “Sourthern Style” by Darius Rucker

Our CEO, Co-Founder, and fearless leader, Jen, sees Metronome as a big family and cares for it as such. She is inspired by the energy and passion our employees exemplify each day which also spurs her to want to grow our Metronome family by adding new Pulsers. Her skills in attention to detail, organization, critical thinking, and delegation balance out our inimitable executive leadership team.

Jen has a gentle and nurturing soul. Before forming Metronome with her husband, Virgil, she was a registered nurse with a passion for fixing any issues she encountered. She loves to cook and has a dream of going back to school to learn all about the culinary arts.

Above all else, Jen values her family. Her ideal day would be simple – she’d spend time with her husband and three children, cook a nice meal, and read a good book. Her ultimate goal in life is to see her children grow into good, compassionate people and eventually have children of their own.

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Virgil Virga Jr

Virgil Patrick Virga Jr

President + Chief Pulser

University of Awesome
Favorite Song: “Home” by Jack Johnson

Our President, Co-founder, and Chief Spark, Virgil Virga, brings energy to any room he enters and to any person he meets. As one of the most passionate Pulsers around, he believes in hard work, simplicity, risk taking, and vulnerability – traits he contributes to his success in both work and relationships.

Virgil firmly believes in both physical and mental wellness. He constantly strives to improve himself in both, so if you’re ever looking for a self-help book or a new workout, you know who to call. By embarking on a journey of self-improvement, Virgil has grown into a reflective, generous, and loving leader.

If Virgil could describe his perfect evening, it would be by the fire with his wife, Jen, and their three kids. With his family by his side and a guitar in hand, Virgil’s heart soars. If he could have one superpower, he would want the ability to make anyone genuinely happy in an instant.

Contact Info [954] 661.6263
Justin Miller

Justin Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Roger Williams University School of Law
Favorite Song: “God Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts

Our Chief Operating Officer, Justin, is often described as compassionate, honest, and trustworthy. As a Servant leader, Justin genuinely cares about others’ lives. He is delighted to be a part of a company whose culture puts the integrity of our people at the forefront.

Justin continues to find a passion for employee engagement and strives to improve processes for the betterment of the team. He combines experience in program management and business development with a passion for customer support and mission execution. Our fearlessly optimistic COO believes there is always a solution to every problem and a positive to every situation.

As a proud father and committed husband, Justin’s greatest joy and driving force in life is undeniably his family. His perfect day would be spending time with his wife, working on home improvement projects, and creating things for his children to enjoy.

Contact Info [571] 325.7499
Matt Carabia

Matt Carabia

Chief Growth Officer

Florida Atlantic University
Favorite Song: “Life is a Journey” by Clinton Fearon

Our Chief Growth Officer, Matt, is a maestro at building relationships and business. He is based in San Diego, and leads the charge of Metronome’s expansion. His ability to forge strong and long-lasting relationships is both his greatest strength and one of his greatest passions.

Matt is known for being highly driven and dependable, which makes him a valuable team member. One of the aspects he values most about Metronome is our energetic atmosphere and tight knit culture that fosters innovation and teamwork.

As a father of three, Matt’s greatest source of pride is in raising his children with his wife, Christina. He loves to share with them his love of the outdoors, and particularly surfing. You can often find him and his family catching waves, camping, hiking, or taking in San Diego’s ocean views over dinner with friends.

Contact Info [619] 729.7644
Pat Mercado

Patricia Mercado, PMP

Vice President, Proposal Operations and Management

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Favorite Song: “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap

Our VP of “all things Proposals” Pat draws from hands-on technical, management, field-site operations, and business development experience to orchestrate and create compelling proposals to generate new business for all Pulsers. She was drawn to Metronome because of its strategic direction and technical expertise. More importantly, it’s the culture – where everyone’s voice matters and people step up and work together to achieve success for our internal and external customers every day.

Managing and writing proposals is a dynamic, fast-paced, deadline-driven process that takes a village to complete. Pat taps into her creativity, problem-solving and organizational skills, conducting research, learning new things, and building and fostering working relationships with every person involved in the process, resulting in compliant, complete, quality products.

Pat and her husband made a much-needed life change when they moved from Southern California to Idaho. Throttling back on the pace of life allowed them to focus on the important things – each other and their families. When her brain gets full, Pat puts on her hiking shoes and makes her way up the street to the trailhead, disappearing into the foothills to soak up the energy from the earth, the sky, the flora, and fauna – smiling along the way.

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Matt Mazarowski

Matt Mazarowski

Executive Director of Program Delivery

Florida State University
Favorite Song: “Boadicea” by Enya

Our Executive Director of Program Delivery, Matt Mazarowski is a walking juxtaposition – he is at once extremely laid back and at the same time operates with a great sense of urgency. His ability to get things done quickly helps us to deliver our greatest asset – our people!

Matt has a passion for storytelling that he uses to make a point and more likely than not, make people laugh. He values love and respect above all else, which helps to make him one of the most relatable and approachable people you’ll meet. One of his firm beliefs is that you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse – so he pushes himself and those around him to consistently improve.

The perfect day for Matt would be one spent with his loved ones, most especially his wife and two sons. He would take his boys to the park, have a nice family dinner, and then settle down to watch a good movie.

Contact Info [704] 650.1425
Sarah Soltis

Sarah Soltis, SHRM-SCP

Director of Human Resources

George Mason University
Favorite Song: “Around the World” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Our Director of Human Resources, Sarah, is known for her kindhearted personality, intentional actions, and her ability to adapt, and continually grow. Sarah enjoys finding ways to make the lives of our Pulsers easier. She firmly believes that if you enjoy what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.

She continues to stay motivated by the people of Metronome. Sarah believes that each Pulser brings something unique to the team, and their collective passion inspires her.

Sarah’s most significant accomplishments in life so far are becoming a homeowner and being a first-generation college graduate. She loves to spend time learning new things and gardening. Her ideal day would start at the beach with her fiancé, then taking time to play with her cat and dog, and having tacos for dinner.

Contact Info [703] 865-5078
Leanne Lamm

Leanne Lamm

Executive Director of Contracts

Liberty University
Favorite Song: “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

As Executive Director of Contracts, Leanne loves the passion, drive, energy, and close collaboration between Pulsers. Leanne is enthusiastic, with a can-do attitude and a strong work ethic. As an experienced Contracts professional in the GovCon industry, Leanne finds the work to be dynamic and challenging as the rules and regulations of GovCon are ever-changing and evolving.

Obtaining certification through National Contracts Management Association (NCMA) as a Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) has been one of Leanne’s most memorable achievements. There is always something new to learn, and she never wants to stop learning, growing, and advancing in the field of Contracts.

Leanne’s perfect day is a beach day with the family at their “happy place” in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This day would include relaxing at the beach/pool followed by a seafood feast and enjoying a glass of wine at a waterfront restaurant. Leanne’s most significant accomplishment is raising two amazing kids with her husband, along with the support of her family.

Contact Info [814] 241.4449
Leanna Lyons

LeAnna Lyons

Executive Director of Program Delivery

Favorite Song: “Take This Heart of Gold” by Mandolin Orange

Our Executive Director of Program Delivery, LeAnna Lyons, possesses a natural ability to lead and strategically think forward while considering relevant contributing factors, which she uses to guide Metronome and Pulser growth. Full of passion and resilience, she leads by example and hustles to consistently perform at a high level of excellence while continuing to grow personally and professionally. Metronome’s flexibility in creating new growth is one of her favorite things about our company.

LeAnna believes in empowering others and finds joy in helping others discover their independence and understand their value. As a leader, she strives to embody three core values – patience, appreciation, and productivity – which is evident in the fact she is most notably known for getting things done!

The perfect day for LeAnna is one with an even balance between being productive and relaxing. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities of any kind, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones, including her other half, three huge dogs, and two little cats. If she could be granted a single superpower, it would be the ability to instantly fully train puppies!

Contact Info [540] 300.3261
Sandi Ponjavic

Sandi Ponjavic

Director of Recruiting and Staffing

Radford University
Favorite Song: “Parallel Line” by Keith Urban

Our Director of Recruiting and Staffing, Sandi Ponjavic, paves the way for Pulsers to make transformative changes to their career trajectory and lives. He is known for tenaciously promoting growth, eliciting excitement and inspiration, and working hard alongside his team. Sandi finds the collective mindset among Pulsers to put their best foot forward while lifting each other up is what he most values about Metronome.

His leadership philosophy involves accountability and ensuring every single member of his team knows how to be successful and helping them along the way on the road to success. Many would agree that Sandi is passionate, caring, and energetic. All in all, he is most passionate about seeing others achieve new heights, improve themselves/their situations, and celebrating their successes with them. If Sandi could create a fun title for his role, it would be “Situation Improver!”

Sandi’s most significant accomplishments in life so far are “marrying a woman way out of his league” and starting a family. Sandi’s greatest source of pride lives in his two children, and he looks forward to the days when he will see them graduate college, accomplish their goals and dreams, get married, and the day he becomes a grandparent! For now, the perfect day for Sandi would be spent in Croatia with his grandmother and the rest of his family.

Contact Info [703] 244.8863

Barbi Dingmon

Accounting Manager

MBA from Charleston Southern University
Favorite Song: “Goodness of God” by Cece Winans

When our Accounting Manager, Barbi, walks into the room, she creates a spark with her energy. She is known for her outgoing personality, skillful organization, and love of music. If she could create a fun title for her role, it would be “Money Maestro Diva.”

One of the aspects she values most about Metronome is her colleagues. She feels energized and rejuvenated when she works with her Teammates, which is why she feels so at home with Metronome. Barbi builds relationships on three values she holds dear: honesty, trustworthiness, and dependability. Her biggest professional success is joining Metronome, and her biggest personal success is maintaining a happy work/life balance.

The perfect day for Barbi would be spent with the people that mean the most to her, her family. They could be anywhere doing anything as long as they were together. In her free time, you can find Barbi shopping or planning her next adventure. She enjoys traveling and plans to visit Australia and Ireland one day.

Contact Info [843] 790-6816
Brittany Goble

Brittany Goble

Capture Manager

College of Charleston and Executive MBA Candidate at Kenan Flagler Business School at UNC Chapel Hill
Favorite Song: “Constellations” by Jack Johnson & Eddie Vedder

Resilient in chasing opportunities and forging new paths, Brittany is our “Sherpa of Strategy.” With many years of experience driving DoD opportunities from capture, decision, to contract award, it’s safe to say she knows her way around the Intelligence Community, its customers, and their needs. As a proponent of good communication, listening, and consistency, she knows how to ask the right questions and read people. But don’t let her love of the hunt lead you astray – Brittany is friendly to the core and has a passion for helping businesses grow.

She is inspired by the people of Metronome. Brittany shares in their dedication to investing more than just solutions to problem-solving. She takes pride in thinking outside the box and overcoming obstacles, all while maintaining her authenticity, sense of fun, and integrity.

Brittany finds fulfillment in making a difference. Her most significant professional accomplishments include cultivating a firm’s largest business opportunity pursuit in history, which directly affected the company’s mission and positively impacted many individuals. Her biggest personal success is growing and birthing two incredible human beings that are thriving, one of which she successfully potty trained – a task many parents know isn’t for the faint of heart. When she’s not capturing opportunities, she can be found working out, enjoying good food, and traveling to new places. Her perfect day would be 75 degrees and sunny outside with good food and good people having good times.

Contact Info [980] 322.4692
Monica Ezzard

Monica Ezzard

Senior Recruiter

Georgia Gwinnett College & North Georgia Nursing Academy
Favorite Song: “Dawns” by Zach Bryan

Monica is one of our personable and hardworking Senior Recruiters who diligently connects candidates with their dream job. Her people-oriented nature helps her to forge valuable and lasting relationships with Pulsers and share what she values most about Metronome: our harmonious teamwork! She loves to interact with people from all walks of life and puts them at ease by exchanging stories, passions, and interests.

Metronome’s Core Values of Passion and Celebrating Success deeply resonate with Monica. She believes in giving every day her ALL in her pursuit of excellence. Her dedication and enthusiasm have quickly elevated her to her greatest professional achievement, becoming a Senior Recruiter. If she could create a fun title for her role it would be “Dream Job Helper.” Monica’s spark shines brightly in Metronome’s high-energy environment and her welcoming and kind attitude and love of life are visibly contagious.

Above all, Monica is most passionate about the people she loves and realizing her personal and professional goals. If Monica could have any superpower, it would be teleportation, making her plans to travel to at least one place in all six of the other continents a lot easier! Until then, her perfect day would involve sleeping in, laying in the sun all day, ordering in dinner, and finishing the night with movies or her favorite show.

Contact Info [678] 387.7995
Melissa Kozak

Melissa Kozak

Business Manager

Temple College and Northern Virginia Community College
Favorite Song: “Hang” by Matchbox Twenty

Our Business Manager, Melissa, is a pillar of strength and selflessness at Metronome. She often works behind the scenes performing a variety of functions, ranging from Security, Expenses, and Celebration program management. Melissa’s passion for helping others is guided by her Core Values: “be KIND with your words, OPEN with your heart, and GENEROUS with your hands.”

What she loves most about our company is that you can be yourself while contributing to Metronome’s spark. If she could create a fun title for her role it would be “MetroMom.” She understands the importance of dependability, and she doesn’t shy away from responsibility or a challenge.

Her perfect day would be a full day on the beach, at a concert with her family, or at home watching ID Channel in her sweats. In her free time, Melissa enjoys burn bootcamp, cheering for her kids from a sideline, dancing in the kitchen with her youngest, or enjoying time outdoors. She loves fishing, being on or near water, and even mowing the grass on a beautiful sunny day.

Contact Info [571] 225-5344
Dominic Holt

Dominic Holt

Chief Technology Officer

Rochester Institute of Technology
Favorite Song: “Fell on Black Days” by Soundgarden

Our Chief Technology Officer, Dominic Holt, is a fast-achieving executive that architected and led innovative development efforts on numerous enterprise systems, including production systems for large commercial enterprises, the Navy, Air Force, Defense Health Agency (DHA) and the IC. He believes in operating with integrity and taking care of the people around you, which is why the warm and inviting culture at Metronome is his favorite thing about the company.

Dominic is extremely passionate about tackling “impossible” problems. He endeavors to take the first step in solving those problems and continuing to work until the problem no longer seems impossible. What makes Dominic so great at what he does is his genuine excitement and passion to wake up every morning and tackle those hard problems and move past the obstacles.

The perfect day for Dominic is one spent with his wife and kids by the ocean. One of Dominic’s biggest personal successes was meeting his amazing wife, who he looks up to and constantly learns from, and starting a family with their two little boys! Apart from spending time exploring with his family, Dominic wants to travel to space at some point in his life and if he could have a superpower, he would love to be able to create more time.

Contact Info [207] 449.9101
Michael Snyder

Michael “Mike” Snyder

Executive Director of Growth

St. Mary’s College of Maryland, George Mason University, University of MD
Favorite Song: “Notorious Thugs (feat. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)” by Notorious B.I.G.

Mike is Metronome’s Executive Director of Growth, however, if he could create his own title for his role, it would be “Grand Vizier of Prosperity, Success, and Bounty Hunting.” Mike, an integral, dependable, and straightforward leader, is known by his peers to get the job done. He has a deep-rooted passion and unwavering dedication to supporting the mission. In his own words, Michael’s favorite thing about Metronome is the “constant effort to support one another and a team-centered mentality across all aspects of the company.”

Michael is passionate about self-improvement, as he strives to be better at being there for and helping others continuously. A big personal success of his is learning to identify, process, and prioritize mental health. As a leader, he strives to embody the Army Values: LDRSHIP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal courage).

Outside of Metronome, Michael enjoys being by the water, regardless of the activity! If he could have any superpower, it would be to see and breathe underwater. The perfect day for Mike would be to wake up well rested, workout from 6-6:50am, shower and get dressed, turn on the World Cup at 8am, watch all three games at a poolside bar in Belize, spend time with his wife, go fishing, catch dinner, start a fire on the beach, grill dinner, and enjoy drinks on the beach until it is time to go back and turn in.

Contact Info [410] 858-7706
Deborah McClinton

Deborah McClinton

Facility Security Officer (FSO)

Northern Virginia Community College
Favorite Song: “Amazing Grace” by Il Divo

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of speaking with our Facility Security Officer, Deborah, a.k.a “Sunshine,” knows she means business when it comes to helping others. She is known for her happy and caring personality, forthright nature, and ability to brighten anyone’s day. If she could create a fun title for her role, it would be “The Sheriff.”

As a retired member of the Air Force, Deborah strongly believes in Service Before Self and dedicates herself to helping others do well in any way she can. Her expertise enables her to directly support what she values most about Metronome, our Pulsers, but her passion makes her great at what she does!

Deborah considers every day she wakes up to be a perfect day, and she approaches each day with her core values of Faith, Trust, and Love. When she’s not submitting prospective Pulsers to Security ENOMs, fielding security questions and foreign travel reports, enforcing annual refresher training, or managing visit requests around the country, you can find her serving at church and visiting with family and friends.

Contact Info [703] 865-0512
Micheal Williams

Micheal Williams

Lead Cybersecurity Engineer

Micheal Williams is a trailblazing cybersecurity expert, known for his meticulous approach to harnessing and implementing his vast expertise responsibly and securely. With over a decade of experience in Information Technology (IT) and a passion for data-centric solutions, Mike stands at the forefront of the AI revolution, driving collaboration between Industry and government for enhanced security on the data-centric battlefield.

As a lead Cyber Engineer at Metronome LLC, Mike steers a Data Acquisition group, a role that intersects with the heart of AI/ML applications. His efforts in securely implementing large-scale SIEM solutions around the globe has set new standards in safeguarding sensitive information.

Contact Info [352] 257-1338