Driven by our People, Values, Purpose

Our values and purpose-driven culture are the common thread that bind our people across the country.
With deliberate focus and organic growth, we continue to build a culture that creates a spark in our industry.

A group photo of Metronome employees with company t-shirts, at a retreat.


Our purpose is to be a spark that ignites passion for our customers and each other.

Our company, our teams, and our people are sparks.
Our passion and energy ignite those we interact with and spread like wildfire.
It’s not a lofty dream or an overstatement. It's a fact. It's also our purpose.

Core Values

Our values are fundamental to who we are and how we aspire to do business every day.



We believe. We execute
with all we have.


We surpass
our best efforts.


We respect and support
one another.


We align with our
customers' objectives.
Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success

We reward all

Learning & Development

Keeping true to Core Value #2, we are passionate about learning and development.

Identifying the steps you need to take to advance in your career can seem daunting. Where do you begin? Metronome believes every Pulser deserves a plan that pinpoints what those steps are. A Professional Development Plan (PDP) helps shed light on where you are in your career, where you want to go, and to establish a goal to help get you there.

Our Metronome Internal Coaching Service (MICS) offers our employees with a thought-provoking and creative process. In partnership with a coach, our Pulsers explore ways to maximize their personal and professional potential and improve their leadership skills.

Leadership is fundamental to Metronome's culture. We believe true leadership is rooted in one's self knowledge and personal core values. With such a foundation, it is much easier to know what is right and what to do in any given situation.

We are passionate about improving and love to help our Pulsers grow. We provide our Pulsers with assistance on tuition or training that maintains or improves job-related skills or enhances their chance to compete for reasonably attainable jobs within Metronome.

Celebrations & Events

Our programs and events are focused around Core Value #5, Celebrate Success.

Our Pulsers celebrate work achievements and big life events every day. We love to hear about these so we can help them celebrate. From receiving kudos, to having babies, getting married, moving to a new home, graduating, to work anniversaries, we are here to honor what matters most to our Pulsers.

Our annual events, like our holiday parties, picnics, and baseball games are opportunities for our Pulsers to bring their whole families for some company-wide fun. These festivities are a special treat and give us a fun chance to see how big our Metronome family is growing year-over-year.

Culture Club's main objective is to get Pulsers together, away from our desks, and engage with one another. While there is an opportunity to learn more about Metronome, the point is really to learn more about one another - our individual Pulsers are by far the most interesting thing about our company!

Metronome is home to passionate employees who are deeply involved in philanthropic organizations spanning from right here in Fairfax, all the way to Central America. Earlier this year, we planted the seeds of a new and robust philanthropy program that will support local and national charities. We look forward to implementing these plans throughout 2017 and expanding our positive impact on the community.